Stepped into the Gold Chain World in a production shop of 200 m2 in the year 1983 with 20 employees specialized in jewelry, Midas has become one of the leading companies of the sector today.

Our company that moved to and continued to produce in its modern factory 8000 m2 in the year 1997 has played an important role in the start of a new transformation in the jewelry sector with this shift from shop production to industrial production. Midas has also set it a main target of contributing to the jewelry sector, by following the changes and developments in the world, so that it can become one of the locomotive sectors in our country. Midas, which has increased its available capacity throughout the time and now continuing to produce in modern production facilities of 12.500 m2 equipped with the latest technology and manned with 300 employees who have adopted the principle of learning continuously and achieving the excellent quality, continues to offer its customers the products of superior quality with designs giving direction for the new trends.

Our firm took new steps in the year 2008 with the intention of institutionalization, and set its own cultural values on stronger foundations with the reorganization it has carried out. Midas that is the first company to remember, and the most reliable one, in the sector when it is full chain production made investments on the production processes in the year 2008, and started to produce hollow chain relying on its experience of many years.

Midas continues to produce in compliance with the integrated Quality Management System it put into practice in the year 2010 as the first and only company in the sector. Proving that it produces without compromising on the product quality and the customer satisfaction as required by the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, that it gives importance to the health and safety of its employees during the production process as required by the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management Standard, and that it carries out its production processes without harming the environment as required by ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, our company has been entitled to the Integrated Quality Management System Certificate in consequence of the inspections performed by Bureau Veritas, the leading certification body in our country and the whole world. Midas Integrated Quality Management System has been accredited by four different accreditation agencies: Turkish Accreditation Agency TÜRKAK, British Accreditation Agency UKAS, German Accreditation Agency DAR, and the American Accreditation Agency ANAB.

Achieving a first in the sector by implementing the Corporate Resource planning Project, our company has been carrying out this project successfully with the participation and support of our employees.

Acting with a strategic management understanding that will ensure the rise of our corporate values and growth potential, Midas A.Ş. management has ensured the emergence of a professional firm preserving the amateur soul in jewelry that is the family business.

Our company that endeavors to improve the production processes and increase the product quality on the basis of scientific methods in line with the Total Quality Management principles has focused on increasing its corporate performance constantly in the light of the continuous development principles with the understanding of being a learning organization. The relations between our company and all its stakeholders are based on continuity, honesty, and mutual trust.

In order to be successful in the competitive environment of the present day, we develop strategies to anticipate the changing business conditions and react to them swiftly. Our objective is to serve our customers by targeting to be always the best in our own branch in our own sector, with an innovative, strong, and growing management understanding.

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