Who are we ?

Birinci Sınıf Altın Mücevher ve Zincir Üreticisi
About us

One of the cornerstones of the Turkish jewelry industry

The foundations of Midas, one of the cornerstones of the Turkish jewelry industry, were laid in 1983 in a 200 m2 workshop located in Istanbul – Çembertaş.

Midasplayed a significant role in initiating a new era in the jewelry industry by transitioning from workshop production to industrial manufacturing.

Midas, a trusted brand worldwide in the machine and handcrafted production and wholesale of solid and hollow chains, also combines different technologies and craftsmanship to produce fantasy jewelry.

The journey that began with 20 jewelry craftsmen in a small workshop continues today with 300 employees in a state-of-the-art production facility spanning 12,500 m2

Midaswholesales solid and hollow chain models as well as fantasy models. While giving direction to the formation of new trends with chain and fantasy models implemented by designers who are experts in their fields, it also evaluates and manufactures model demands from its customers.

Midas, a family tradition in the jewelry industry, has never lost its amateur spirit, always basing its efforts to improve product quality on scientific methods and embracing the concept of a learning organization.

is used as an ERP solution in our company.

Our Mission

With our experience and innovative technology, we breathe life into gold to deliver our jewelry to the world.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred premier gold jewelry and chain manufacturer in the world.


In order to continue to be a leading company in the jewelry sector, to ensure the continuity of our strength and to reach our goals,
-To ensure continuous improvement in line with Quality Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety Management and Environmental Management Systems standards and relevant legal regulations and to be open to innovations,
-To continuously improve our product and service quality and to increase customer satisfaction in line with the wishes and expectations of our customers,
-In the production of gold chains and jewelry; To increase productivity by working in a planned and systematic manner without sacrificing quality, to create added value in the jewelry sector with innovative studies,
– By determining the potential risks related to our activities in advance, to prevent possible damage to the environment and not to cause environmental pollution,
– By giving importance to the occupational health and safety of our employees; to take all necessary measures to prevent occupational diseases, work accidents and injuries,
-We are COMMITTED to maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our employees, customers and suppliers by providing multi-directional communication.

Midas Premier Gold Jewelry and Chain Manufacturer
midas Premier Gold Jewelry and Chain Manufacturer

All jewels are self-defining,

however, Midas takes this philosophy much more seriously,

Indeed, this may explain its international success.


Midas Sertifika
Midas Premier Gold Jewelry and Chain Manufacturer
Midas Premier Gold Jewelry and Chain Manufacturer
Midas Premier Gold Jewelry and Chain Manufacturer