Midas Premier Gold Jewelry and Chain Manufacturer
Midas Premier Gold Jewelry and Chain Manufacturer


The basis of our Human Resources policy is to bring in quality and quantity of human resources that will add value to the activities carried out to achieve the company’s goals, to develop the existing human resources personally and professionally, and to maintain loyalty and belonging to Midas values.

As Human Resources;
To create an employee profile that has the necessary competencies in the field, is highly motivated, innovative and open to changes, responsible for society, nature and the environment, and conforms to moral values and ethical principles,
To provide a working environment surrounded by effective Occupational Health and Safety policies,
· To establish a continuous cooperation based on trust with all our employees,
· To prioritize the development of our employees and to invest in people,
· Employing the right person for the right job, regardless of religion, language, race or gender,
Continuing our contribution to company goals such as efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction,
We are working to increase the loyalty of our employees to the institution by increasing their satisfaction.


Recruitment and Placement

Our aim in our recruitment process is to recruit employees who are in line with the Midas culture, who have adopted reliable, disciplined work, who will fully meet the competencies required by the job, and who will make a difference with their performance.
While evaluating the candidates in line with the requirements of the job, we aim to realize the philosophy of “the right person for the right job” by evaluating them in line with their behavioral tendencies.

Performance evaluation
Midas implements a performance appraisal system in order to ensure that our company goals and employee goals are integrated.
Employees are monitored by their superiors and managers throughout the year, and the performance of the employee and the rate of realization of personal goals are determined on the basis of predetermined criteria and competencies by making mutual interviews with the employees and top managers. Necessary training and development plans are prepared according to the results obtained.

Training and Development
Our main purpose in Training and Development activities is to help our employees add knowledge, skills and competence to their personal development by supporting them to be the best at what they do.

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